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perfect nails

stunning, natural looking nails

Lash Perfect

For a perfect look every day, individual eyelash extensions that last for weeks

Ideal for holidays, special days and every day

The totally natural look and feel

Only you will know they are not real

Lashes are made thicker and longer through professional application of an individual synthetic eyelash directly to your own natural eyelash with a specially formulated bonding agent.

Natural Wear - Lash Perfect are perfect for daily wear or for an active lifestyle. You can shower, swim, spa and sleep problem free because eyelash extensions are waterproof and durable. You can enjoy having long, beautiful and thicker lashes 24 hours a day and for weeks at a time without hassle, inconvenience or the need for mascara.

Natural Look - These luscious lashes are so natural that no one will ever know the difference. They have a natural curl so you can throw away your eyelash curler. Lash Perfect come in various thicknesses, colours and lengths to beautifully blend with your own lashes and to suit your sense of style.

Natural Feel - When professionally and properly applied, these lightweight lashes feel just like your own.

Semi-Permanent - Lash Perfect extensions are semi-permanent, lasting up to

8-12 weeks depending on the life cycle of your own natural lashes and regular maintenance. You will increase the time you can keep your lashes with 2-3 weekly top ups. Like your nails and the hair on your head, your individual eyelashes grow out on a continuous cycle of replenishment.

Lash Perfect are available in different weights to ensure your natural lash is completely protected and to give a natural look and feel.

Can I wear mascara on Lash Perfect?

If you choose to wear mascara, we highly recommend using Lash Perfect Mascaras, which are specifically formulated for use with Lash Perfect extensions.

These mascaras are water washable, gentle and safe for lash extensions. Generally water-proof mascara, mascara remover and some cleansers can disturb and weaken the adhesive bond of the lash extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the lashes last?

Generally Lash Perfect can last up to 3-4 weeks from the time of application. The lifetime of your lashes depends on your hair growth cycle and lifestyle. A regular maintenance programme every 2-3 weeks can extend the life up to 8-12 weeks. 

Can I wear my normal make up?

Yes, with recommended mascara and eyeliner.

As some brands of make up have a high oil content, I do not advise you use waterproof mascara. Eye make up should be removed with specially formulated Lash Perfect Gentle eye make up remover. Your usual eye cream can be used carefully.

Are the Lashes good for holidays?

Yes, Perfect. You can swim and shower with no problem. Lashes will look good on the beach and around the pool. Your eyes will always look glamourous and give the appearance of mascara.

Can I use my normal skin care products?

Yes, providing you avoid the eye area as any products containing oil will loosen the lash adhesive. Eye creams in particular must be used with care. Your lashes should be cleansed with the specially formulated eye make up remover and rinsed off with luke warm water.

Do I have to keep them maintained?

Maintenance is not necessary if you have Lash Perfect applied just for a special occasion or holiday. The lashes will fall off gradually and eventually over time you will be back to your own lashes.

What is the maintenance programme?

Many people like their lashes so much they want to continue wearing the lashes indefinitely. This is achieved by visiting me every 2 weeks to top up any of the lashes that have fallen naturally as part of the normal hair growth cycle.

Maintenance time will vary according to the length of time the lashes have been on.

How long can I wear the lashes for?

Lashes can be worn for as long as you want to wear them, my only recommendation being that a fresh set is applied every 10 weeks.

Can I have them if I wear contact lenses?

Yes, there is no problem for clients who wear contact lenses; however I recommend you remove them before lashes are applied.